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Booth 1C3-002 5 – 10 November 2018 Find out more

CIIE Messe Frankfurt staff handbook (for internal use only)

Are you visiting the Messe Frankfurt booth at the China International Import Expo? Or simply want to learn more about our participation in this fair? Read on to find out more, and check back regularly for updates!

Overview of the China International Import Expo


The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is no ordinary trade fair; rather it is a major government policy initiative, and is seen as a key diplomatic event for China in 2018.

Held to mark the 40th anniversary of China's 'opening up' to the world, the objectives of the fair are to encourage a new round of opening up, to create a cooperation platform to launch international trade, and to promote trade liberalisation and economic globalisation. A major focus of the fair will be on telling the 'China import story'. The slogan for the fair 'New Era,
Shared Future' is linked to the Belt & Road project.

Fair facts

Date: 5 – 10 November 2018
Opening hours: 5 November 08:00 – 18:00
                             6 – 10 November 09:00 – 18:00
Venue: National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)
2,800+ from 130+ countries & regions
Scale: 270,000 sqm
Hosts: Ministry of Commerce of PRC, Shanghai Municipal People's Government
Organisers: China International Import Expo Bureau, NECC (Shanghai) Co Ltd

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Our participation

MF booth

Considering the objectives of CIIE align so closely with what our own trade fairs and events help facilitiate, a key reason for our participation is to promote our full trade fair portfolio, both in China and overseas, and how it can help our clients grow their businesses. Our booth is also a chance to make new contacts with potential customers, as well as host our existing clients who are exhibiting at or visiting CIIE.

Our booth design

The Messe Frankfurt booth, located in hall 1, will be 300 sqm. Check out the
design concept here.

Where to find our booth

We are located in hall 1, the Trade in Services hall, at booth number 1C3-002.
Find our booth here. For details on how to get to the fairground during CIIE, see
the FAQ section.

Other participants

Floor plan

Want to know who else is exhibiting at CIIE? Click on the product groups below to check out the exhibitor list on the CIIE website (scroll down the page to see the list).


Inviting your clients

Floor plan

Whether you will visit CIIE or not, you still have the chance to invite your clients* to enjoy the hospitality of our booth, and enter the draw to win a trip to one of our worldwide fairs!

How to invite your clients

Simply ask them to fill in the RSVP form on our public CIIE page, and we will send them an invitation to our booth.

What they can expect at our booth

  • The chance to win a trip to one of our worldwide fairs
  • Refreshments in our lounge area
  • Happy Hours on days 2-5 of the fair from 4-5pm
  • Information about our global fairs and corporate services

Messe Frankfurt colleagues from each cluster will be on-hand to provide
information about our fairs, and answer any questions your clients might have,
throughout the 6 days of the fair.

* please note that as CIIE visitor registration has already closed, any clients you invite will need
to already have a visitor or exhibitor badge for the fair. We cannot provide badges for them.

Event schedule  

Below is a list of events taking place at our booth during the fair. You and / or your clients are welcome to join any of the events taking place from 6-9 November. More details will be added soon.

5 November (Monday)   3:00 - 5:00: VVIP Networking Session with Messe Frankfurt management (by invitation only)
6 November (Tuesday) 10:00 - 12:00: Techology sector event (details TBC) 2:30 - 3:30: Textiles & Consumer Goods sector event (details TBC)
  4:00 - 5:00: Happy Hour
7 November (Wednesday) Entertainment, Media & Creative Industries sector event (details TBC) Mobility & Logistics sector event (details TBC)
  4:00 - 5:00: Happy Hour
8 November (Thursday)   4:00 - 5:00: Happy Hour
9 November (Friday)   4:00 - 5:00: Happy Hour

Information as of 10 Oct, subject to change.


Q: Can I, or my clients, still register to attend the fair?
A: No, the organiser closed the visitor registration at the end of August.

Q: If I have already registered to attend the fair, when will I receive my badge?
A: We are waiting for the organiser to make these available, but they will be sent to your office within October.

Q: How do I know if my badge application was successful or not?
A: If there were any problems with your badge application, the organiser should have already informed you directly.

Q: Do I need to bring my ID with me to enter the fairground?
A: The organiser has said it is not necessary, as your badge will have your photo on it, however we recommend you still bring your ID just in case.

Q: How can I get to the fairground?
A: We are still waiting for updates from the organiser regarding the transportation situation, including using the metro and taking taxis directly to the fairground. We will update you when we find out.

Q: Which is the best entrance to use at the fairground?
A: The organiser has not announced which entrances will be in use yet. We will update you when we find out.

Q: Are there any extra security measures to get into the fairground?
A: There will be more thorough security screening than usual for CIIE, so expect long delays to enter the fairground. Full bag searches will be conducted, and the organiser has informed us that no liquids are allowed to be brought in. You can download the full list of Prohibited and Restricted Items from the organiser here.

Q: What if I lose my badge?
A: We have confirmed with the organiser that you should be able to replace your badge at the fairground.

Q: What am I expected to do at the fair?
A: Apart from selected colleagues who need to be based at the booth each day to answer queries from visitors, you are not required to be at the booth. If you are attending the fair, please check with the Deputy General Manager of your cluster for what they expect you to do onsite.

Q: Who from head office is attending the fair?
A: Wolfgang Marzin, President & CEO; Stephan Kurzawski, Senior Vice President Consumer Goods & Sales; and Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Senior Vice President Technology & Chief of Communications, will be at CIIE.

Q: Can I attend the VVIP Networking Session on day 1?
A: Due to capacity limitations of the booth's event area, you will be unable to attend. If you invited VVIPs to this event and will be at the booth, we expect you to welcome them to the booth, and you may also attend the cocktail reception at the end of this event.

Q: Can I attend the Happy Hours on days 2-5?
A: Yes, you are welcome to attend these! And we encourage you to invite your clients / potential clients to attend these as well.

Q: When will details of this event be ready so I can inform the VVIPs I invited?
A: We are still waiting for confirmation from the organiser on the event details, but will provide you with further invitation details to send your clients ASAP.

Q: What facilities can I use at the booth?
A: When not in use, you are welcome to use the lounge area of the booth for meetings with clients / potential clients. If you need to reserve space, please talk to Liam onsite.

Q: Can I use the VIP Room at the booth?
A: The VIP Room is reserved for management use on days 1-3. To book the room for important client meetings on days 4-6, please talk to Liam onsite.

Q: If I bring clients to the booth, can they enter the lucky draw?
A: Yes, you can assist anyone you bring to the booth to enter the lucky draw to win a trip to one of our worldwide fairs at the booth's info counter.

Q: What information about our fairs will be avaialable at the booth?
A: The booth has touch sreens with the key visuals of all our China fairs, and select Frankfurt events, which you can use to show visitors our trade fair portfolio. There will also be an iPad at the info counter to access our website, while we will have our Greater China Corporate Brochures and Fairs & Exhibitions Worldwide 2018/19 brochure that you may give out.

Q: Do you have any gifts I can give out to visitors to the booth?
A: All visitors to the VVIP event on day 1 and the cluster events on days 2 & 3 will receive a gift. A limited number of other gifts are available at the info counter to give out to select visitors to our booth.

Q: Who should I contact at the booth if I have any queries?
A: Please talk to Liam or Paula from the PR team if you need any assistance at the booth.


For any enquiries, please email the Messe Frankfurt CIIE team.